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We are proud to announce that the next chapter of Kid Energy USA has begun. As of Summer 2021, Kid Energy USA Foundation has received its 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization. It is our hope that the Kid Energy USA Foundation can assist in fulfilling the need of awareness and knowledge campaigns for communities throughout the country.

Each year, Kid Energy USA’s goal is to educate 10,000+ children, through the classroom, on the proper protocols of safe digging and utility awareness and knowledge. In order to continue building on these efforts, your support will be paramount.

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Meet Burnie & Earl!

They entertain and educate kids on the importance of our petroleum industry and its beneficial impact on our lifestyles and livelihood.

Learn more about their programs, products, and how YOU can make an impact on generations to come.

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We believe the serious nature of safety practices at home and in the workplace should not affect the way we learn them. While maintaining a mindful approach to these very practices, Kid Energy USA implements educational tools that are fun, creative, and colorful.

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